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  1. EEVblog: How To Measure Battery Cutoff Voltage


    August 12, 2015 by linguasite

    Dave Jones hat vor einiger Zeit den „Batteriser“ debunked, also als Unfug enttarnt.

    Dave introduces his Product Baloney Detection Kit, and offers a step-by-step how-to tutorial guide to debunking wild marketing claims on tech products.
    In this case the Batteriser, a boost converter that fits around ordinary AA batteries which claims to increase the battery life by up to 800%.

    „Batteriser“ behauptet, mit ihrem Produkt hielten Batterien acht mal solange durch wie ohne.

    Im aktuellen Video reagiert Dave auf eine Erwiderung von Batteriser:

    Another in a series of battery tutorials, Dave explains how to correctly measure the battery cutout voltage of a product.
    And how to take internal resistance of a battery into account.
    And also a detailed response to a video from Batteriser claiming Dave is wrong in using a PSU to measure the battery cutoff voltage, and why this is complete folly.

    Unterhaltsam und lehrreich, wie immer. Anschauempfehlung!


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